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VMS Studio Policies:

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Tuition Policies

Tuition is paid monthly in or per 5-month term (September-January and February-June) in advance with a small discount offered for full-term advance payment. Students discontinuing mid-term after paying for the full term will be refunded tuition for full remaining months, less the previous discount. Months with 5 lessons or classes will be billed accordingly.

Note: Some ensembles will require partial-term advance payment. In such cases, a full refund can only be offered when a student leaves under extraordinary circumstances. This is because the departure of a student from certain groups would make it impossible for the other students to continue – in the case of a string quartet for example. 

Lesson Policies

Missed lessons require 24-hour notice to be eligible for a refund or credit unless there are extenuating circumstances. Lessons canceled without sufficient notice will be made-up at the discretion of the teacher. Missed group classes will be made up at the discretion of the teacher. 

A maximum of two absences per activity, per semester are eligible for refund or credit. Further absences must be made up or fees forfeited.

Students are not required to make-up lessons that fall on national or religious holidays. Students must note holidays they will be observing in advance as part of the tuition payment for that month. Policies regarding other holidays are set individually by teachers. Lessons missed due to studio closings such as weather emergencies will be credited forward toward the next month.

Billing Policies

VMS will submit an invoice for the coming month to paid by the 1st of that month. Invoices unpaid by the 10th will cause lessons to be suspended. Tuition can be paid by recurring credit card charge, check or cash. Returned checks incur a $30 administrative fee.