Founded in 2012...

Vanguard Music Studio set out to create a place for creative and ambitious students to work collaboratively, challenge each other and build lasting friendships. After years of teaching in studios that offered little opportunity for students to interact, VMS founders Anna Evangelista and Andrew Shantz decided they could do better.

The best! We’ve been at VMS since the beginning and they continue to support, inspire, and nuture all their music students!
— Howard W.

EXPERt Faculty

Our instructors are knowledgeable, engaging and dedicated. Our faculty are active performers as well with many international engagements to their credit. We choose to work with instructors who share our commitment to advancing their students' musical skill and understanding and guiding them through the challenges that arise along their musical journey. Please see the faculty section of this site for full details on each of our instructors. 



Special Projects and performances 

Students at VMS have many opportunities to perform and engage in special projects as they progress. Beyond our semi-annual recitals open to all students, we also organize public performances for our bands and ensembles every year at area events. We also write custom music for student groups and some students write and perform their own music with faculty coaching. 




Songwriting, Electronic Music and Recording

We offer students the chance to compose and record their own music with coaching from our faculty. Several of our faculty members have extensive experience composing music, writing songs, and producing records. We offer electronic music camps where students compose and perform music on electronic instruments.